witches get stitches

I have no reason to be awake why am I awake smh


He’s all tuckered out from saving everyone’s butts and making poor fashion decisions

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augustus u bitch

isn’t he supposed to fall in love with her? TFIOS movie is SO different from the book…

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"You know, kid. In times like this that my buddy Timon here says, you gotta put your behind in your past."

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mulan + red | requested by deadpotter

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I want a regular family sitcom with cheap jokes and laughing tracks, which gradually get more and more disturbing until it turns to a psychological horror film with the laughing tracks still going

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Master of the House

Helena Bonham Carter & Sacha Baron Cohen
Les Miserables


Helena Bonham Carter & Sacha Baron Cohen | Master of the House | Les Miserables

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Had fun with the photo booth app! I realize now that I should probably buy a wig for snow since my hair is a little too thin to style it the way I like Q w Q 

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support group for ppl who used to be the same age as their favourite character but then got older

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for collab

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